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This Oatmeal, Aloe and Honey combo will leave your sensitive pup feeling their best! We hand chose these top sellers because of their natural properties to repair, soothe and moisturize. Not only will these gently cleanse, but they will leave your pup with a fresh, clean smell that last! 

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The Routine

First, drop in our "101" doggie bath bomb and let the lavender and orange blossom infuse your pups water. Then, lather on Our Oatmeal and Aloe shampoo, Oat of this World to add on the scent of fresh linens with a hint of rose. After rinsing the shampoo, use a few dollops of our Honey conditioner, Sweet Tooth. After towel drying and while your pup is still damp, use a dime to quarter size amount (depending on the size of your pup) of The Magicians Mutt Leave-In Conditioner and leave in. Enjoy! 

What’s included in the kit?

8oz - Oat of this World Shampoo (fresh linens with a hint of rose)
8oz - Sweet Tooth Conditioner (honey + vanilla)
1 - 101 Dog Bath Bomb (lavender + orange blossom)
3.5oz - The Magicians Mutt Leave-In Conditioner (orange blossom)

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