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go bananas fresh shampoo bar

super moisturizing
cat friendly formula

go bananas fresh dog shampoo features fresh, ripe bananas and  olive oil to soften and moisturize a pups coat.  a splash of vanilla leaves your pups skin soothed and fresh! now naturally colored with turmeric powder!

hand dipped in wax! peel to reveal our nourishing pet shampoo. 12 month shelf life after opening!


bananas are incredibly rich in vitamins and minerals! we use bananas in this super moisture shampoo to add hydration and give pliability to the hair while also reducing dandruff.

fresh bananas

vanilla bean img.png

vanilla absolute

we use vanilla absolute for its irresistible & decadent natural fragrance and for its ability to soothe and calm your pups skin and mind.

turmeric powder.png

turmeric powder

we utilize the bright natural color of turmeric powder to give our go bananas shampoo its iconic color


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