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strawberry short mutt conditioner bar

sensitive pet approved
cat friendly formula

delicious as a slice of cake, this delectable hydrating treat is full of only the most natural ingredients to calm and soften your pup's hair. it is packed full of vitamin C-rich strawberries and soothing vanilla beans to leave your pup's coat smelling as good as it looks! 

hand dipped in wax! peel to reveal our nourishing pet conditioner. 12 month shelf life after opening!

only a few left!

fresh strawberries.png

we use antioxidant rich strawberries  to help maintain healthy pup skin and hair. it also contributes a gorgeous  baby pink hue to this conditioner

fresh strawberries

vanilla bean img.png

fresh vanilla beans

we use vanilla beans for their anti-inflammatory properties, which can help soothe and calm irritated skin


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