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super calming  bath set

$41 - ⭐ 4.8

Treat your pup to our Super Calming bath combo, designed specifically to soothe and relax your four-legged friend. Our gentle shampoo contains lavender oil and lavender water, while our luxurious conditioner features rose water. We've even added lavender oil into our special dog bath bomb for extra calming benefits. All of these products will help to calm your pup's skin and leave them feeling relaxed and refreshed.

✔ 8oz barking at the moon shampoo (fresh lavender water + rose)
✔ 8oz roses are red conditioner (fresh rose water)

✔ 1 yawn dog bath bomb (lavender - up to 4 baths!)

lavender seeds.png

ingredient highlight:

lavender water is not only super soothing for your pups skin but also very hydrating! you can guarantee a calm, less itchy pup after a bath with our super calmer bath set.

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