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dog wellness

introducing the most natural
dental care for your fur baby

what are wellness toothpastes?

we removed all of the preservatives, colorants and synthetics commonly found in traditional pet toothpaste and replaced them with natural alternatives that taste like your pups favorite snacks, and help aid everyday dental & overall health of your fur baby. made for daily use and packed full of vitamin-rich ingredients!

dog toothpaste peanut butter.png
wellness toothpaste

$14 - ⭐ NEW

best dog toothpaste peppermint_.png
wellness toothpaste

$14 - ⭐ NEW

mango dog toothpaste.png
mango sorbet
wellness toothpaste

$14 - ⭐ NEW

dog toothpaste vanilla.png
whipped cream
wellness toothpaste

$14 - ⭐ NEW

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the mutt tooth brush

bpa-free and made with food grade silicone

save $4 when you bundle with a toothpaste!

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