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mutt fresh dog care

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Born in their California apartment in 2017, Mutt Fresh Dog Care brings innovation to dog care by replacing common irritants and synthetics found in other products with the highest quality natural alternatives. Owners, Tony & Zach, are driven by a mission to transform the chore of bathing your pup into an interactive bubble show with colorful, fragrant, and fresh ingredients. Their social posts showcase mesmerizing, handmade batches of creams and cleansers. At first sniff, you might even consider trying it on yourself!


Mutt takes pride in ingredient transparency and offers gentle, human-grade products, guided by the slogan 'If we wouldn’t put it on ourselves, we wouldn’t put it on our pup!'


The pup always comes first! 

“We refuse to use fear mongering tactics as a marketing ploy to take advantage of loving dog owners!” 


we produce our products with complete transparency so you can always make the best decisions for your pup. the ingredients in our products are always disclosed in quantitive order.



we never want to tempt our customer to flex on there values in order to spoil there pup, which is why we innovate products that can fit into a diverse range of pup needs!



we make all our products by hand with love in san francisco, california.



we harness the power of fresh botanicals, fruits, and vegetables in almost all our products and manufacture in small batches so you get the freshest product always. 



all of our products are free of all animal by products. the only non-vegan ingredients we currently use is organic ethically sourced california honey and beeswax. 


cruelty free 

we do not believe in animal testing -- instead, we develop products through extensive research and veterinary science. we also do not purchase ingredients from suppliers who use animal testing.


meet tony

co-founder, creative director and product inventor 


since birth, tony has always favored fine arts as his preference for play. drawing, painting and sculpting is tony’s foundation for his eye for detail. when creating anything in his business, tony always pulls from the conceptual nature and technical side of his 3D and 2D skillset. 


after entering the work force In 2014, tony recognized quickly that his passion was mastering the intersection of entrepreneurship and design. 


tony gained 8 years experience in business and product creation from working for bath and body powerhouse lush cosmetics north america, where he learned the ins and out of product formulation, branding, and entrepreneurship. in his 8 years there, tony worked as a product and ingredient educator, worked on many of the lush's campaigns, worked on the california lush business team and even innovated bath care with one of there founders rowina bird. 


tony is proud of mutt being 100% self-driven. tony created mutt with co-founder zach with no experience or traditional education in business or branding. the company as a whole represents that even without accessibility to money, education, or time, you can achieve anything you want if you prioritize always finding solutions to your barriers.

meet zach

co-founder, marketing director and graphic designer

zach is one of the other co-founders of mutt fresh dog care! he is an entrepreneur & dog-dad with a background in graphic design and marketing. he grew up in a small town in pennsylvania around many different kinds of animals, and has always been a lover of all things nature!​

dogs have always been an important staple in zach's life. he fell in love with dogs from experiencing how positively impactful pups can be to your everyday life. from his youth to his adulthood, zach has always appreciated the loving companionship a pup brings to the many pressures and anxieties of life.

​zach is a self-driven, self-starter who has been working on his own businesses since his teenage years. in fact, prior to starting mutt with tony, he worked in the pet care industry for 8 years! he has learned the ins and the many different breeds, their behaviors and grooming habits. he has gotten a chance to talk with owners of all different kinds of pups to get more in depth knowledge and first hand experience - being careful not to find a favorite, of course!

zach jumped at the opportunity to be apart of the creation of mutt fresh dog care. he has brought his knowledge of pups and their needs to help pups everywhere get the best grooming experience. 


tell me more about the colors and dyes in your products?

we never want to tempt our customer to flex on thier values in order to spoil their pup - which is why we innovate products that can fit into a diverse range of pup needs. when we cannot solely use organic colorants like rose clay, blue spirulina, and hibiscus powder for example, we do use 1% or less of batch certified food, and cosmetic dyes. if you prefer only organic colorants -- or no colorants -- 40% of our product range is dye free! our dye-free products include our spaw doggie bath bomb, oat of this world shampoo, our balms and all of our conditioners and leave-in conditioners!

what if my dog eats the bubbles or bath water?

we do not use any toxic ingredients in our product. while we highly discourage your pup from drinking bath water in every instance, we did take this into consideration when formulating our products. dogs are curious and want to taste! monitoring your pup is highly encouraged while bathing with or without product 🐶🐾

my dog has sensitive skin - can we use your products?

absolutely! we make many products for pups with sensitive skin. in fact, most of our products were made with sensitivity in mind. keep an eye out for all of our rose, lavender, oatmeal and honey products! our nose and paw balms are great, too. feel free to contact us if you need product suggestions!

do you ship outside of the us?

we do! when checking out, you should get a quote for shipping. we ship USPS for locations outside of the US. if you do not get the option or quote -- please email us and we will help out!

can cats use your products?

we have formulated our products to be safe on both dogs and cats! as always, just be mindful of any allergies or sensitivities your cat may have.

you use fresh ingredients. what is the shelf life?

we use an all natural, paraben-free preservative! this allows our products to have a 12 month shelf life.

i have a different question!

we're here to help! feel free to live chat with us using the chat button in the lower left of the website, or send us an email at and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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