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hey retailers and pet groomers! 💖

looking to bring our fresh handmade pet supplies into your retail space or salon? we're excited to announce we are now accepting wholesale orders!


we sell most of our collection, along with gallon shampoos & conditioners for pet groomers and those who need bulk supply.

why mutt fresh dog care?

our handmade products are perfect for pet groomers! we never mass produce - and we believe in the incredible powers of fresh fruits, herbs, butters and essential oils.

we use Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (also known as baby foam) in our shampoo for the most gentle wash - making them all sensitive pup-approved.
we utilize the incredible nutrient-rich power of fresh fruits, herbs, butters and essential oils in our fresh dog shampoos
all of our products are handmade in-house in small batches! we never mass produce, making our dog shampoos the freshest you can get
our average product rating is 4.8. our customers are loving mutt and we know yours will, too! 
learn more about mutt & the owners
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