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dog bubble bath

bring some bubbly, fun lather to your pups tub! 5+ baths per container.

good to know: our bubble bath not only creates a bath full of fun bubbles - but creates a beautifully scented lather to wash your pup with! and while there is color in our bubble bath, it makes up less than 1% of our formula and will not leave any color or residue behind on your pup. even our pearly white fur-iends!

milky way
coconut & bergamot

$16 - ⭑ 4.9 (243 reviews)

disco pup
bergamot & vanilla

$16 - ⭑ 4.7 (63 reviews)

rose & citrus

$16 - ⭑ 4.7 (44 reviews)

pinball pup
tangerine & lime

$16 - ⭑ 4.6 (31 reviews)

watch snow take a #mutt bubble bath!
dog bubble bath
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