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cozy - orange blossom & linen dry shampoo for dogs & cats


scent: orange blossom & fresh linens


your pup is always ready for a cuddle, with our cozy dry shampoo mist. this hassle-free spray uses the power of natural powders to absorb bad odors, and skin-soothing aloe vera to calm irritation. reset your furry friend to ultimate cuddle perfection with the scent of freshly cleaned linen and orange blossom. 


what's inside? aloe vera infusion ( aqua and  aloe barbadensis miller), glycerin, arrowroot powder (maranta arundinacea root), corn starch (zea mays starch), abyssinian oil (crambe abyssinica), ethylhexyl olivate (hydrogenated ethylhexyl olivate), sodium olivate, fragrance, rose oil (rosa damascena), phenoxyethanol

how do i use a dry shampoo mist?

it's simple! shake bottle for 10 seconds. avoiding the face area, lightly spray over your pup's coat. massage into your pup and allow to dry. enjoy! repeat if needed.

separation is normal. so be sure to give it a nice shake before applying!

Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 3.59_edited.jpg

helping to reduce irritation on your pup's skin, we use aloe vera for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. 


when applied to your pups hair, arrowroot powder helps to absorb excess oils and greasiness, providing a natural absorbing dry shampoo.

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