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muttagascar dog bubble bath - fresh oat and vanilla

$16  - ★ NEW!

infused with the most nourishing and soothing ingredients, muttagascar bubble bath supports your pup's dry and itchy skin with fresh honey and soothing oats. free of skin irritants, it truly is the perfect soothing soak for even the most sensitive pups.

✔ color-free

✔ produces a gentle lather 

✔ long-lasting vanilla scent

✔ free of any harsh chemicals, sulfates or parabens 

scent profile: vanilla

Fresh Oats.png

fresh oat gel has an anti-inflammatory effect, making it beneficial for dogs with skin conditions such as allergies, hot spots, or eczema.

fresh oat gel

fresh vanilla beans

we use vanilla beans for their anti-inflammatory properties, which can help soothe and calm irritated skin

vanilla bean img.png

What's insideglycerin, organic honey, oat gel (avena sativa kernal), organic madagascar vanilla bean infusion (vanilla planifolia), sodium cocoyl isothionate, sodium olivate. coconut oil (coco. nucifera). fragrance, vanilla, absolute (vanilla planifolia), phenoxyethanol 

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